Little Stars

Little Stars puts children at the centre of their education – like stars are to the sky.

Little Stars support, care, guide, stimulate and promote curiosity and independence.

Children are Valued.

Children’s differences are respected and celebrated.

Children’s safeguarding, care, education and well being is paramount.

We reflect the practices of Early Educational Pioneers in our settings, with high influences of the Reggio Emilia approach.

We strive to be outstanding.

We are reflective practitioners and active leaders, delivering a holistic approach to our education.

We value parents and children as partners in learning, with emphasis on the strength of a learning environment.

We all at little stars share a vision, work collaboratively with a multi agency approach, providing care to the highest standard.

We go above the expected guidelines to give a personalised learning journey for children in our care.

Children are our Little Stars, we take time, as skilled early years educators to help them on their journey to shine.

Next Steps…

To speak to the Laura Sanders – Proprietor-  please call on 07415057818 or email

For Training, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga or for our consultancy Service please call 07415057818.

For our Day Nursery based in the grounds of Longfield Academy, Please call 01664 561234 ext 280.

For Our Nursery School and Out of School Club based in the Grounds of St Francis, Please call 07858469260 or 07562328176.

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